Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nerium - THE SHOCKING TRUTH - My Nerium Review

Nerium is a new direct to consumer company to hit the world of network marketing. Their flagship product is a skin cream applied to your face before you go to bed that is derived from The Nerium Plant and supposed to get rid of wrinkles, scarring, skin damage, etc. I was impressed enough by this company's story along with their before and after pictures that I thought I would do some due diligence regarding the company and their products. Not to mention their company owner Jeff Olsen is an icon in The world of Direct Selling and is a much sought after trainer and consultant within the industry. He has also probably written the most important book ever seen by our industry "The Slight Edge". I even took the plunge and spoke with Jeff personally and got some product to try out, while doing my due diligence. Unfortunately, I did not see the results after 30 days, that I thought or hoped that I might in a skin care product. I think I was happier with the results I had seen from other products, but the convenience of this product was superb, although getting past the smell did take a few applications. On a brighter note, I was very pleased with their packaging and branding (looks awesome!). Jeff obviously knows how to build and even in a bad economy people still need and want to look good.

The Nerium compensation plan looks to be a 3 X 3 uni-level type plan, very similar to one of my favorite plans in the industry - Visalus. The only real difference I could find between Nerium and Visalus' comp plan was that Nerium pays out a few levels deeper when you hit the top of the pay plan and offers a Lexus car program instead of The BMW Program offered by Visalus (except Visalus allows you to opt for the $300 Cash bonus vs. car & Nerium does not). What does this mean for someone joining Nerium? It simply means that if you invest in the $500 Biz Builder Package you will qualify for all commissions, and The Lexus Car Program - if you don't you will be leaving lots of money on the table, but still be rewarded for your efforts. With their compensation plan you will also be rewarded for obtaining customers - now isn't that a great idea. The comp plan is not too bottom or top heavy, so a new person could come in and start making money within their first few days in the business.

I like the look and feel of Nerium and think as they begin to grow their business to include more than their night skin cream - by adding cleansers, astringents, eye cream, etc, that they will continue to see growth from loyal customers and distributors.

The downside I see to Nerium is they have a ton of competition in skin care as skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry and many MLM Companies that have been around for awhile are already secure in that space (Nuskin, Arbonne, and Mary Kay). But Mr. Olsen also heads the research and management side of the business Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. Mr. Olsen has wisely surrounded himself with his close family and a team of corporate members that are well equipped, well known, knowledgeable, and poised for growth.. With that being said Nerium is a start up and the reality is that there is a huge risk/reward situation with any start up. A start up can be lucrative IF you get on a solid team early but there is no guarantee the company will be around in 5 years.

If you are a risk taker and like start-ups go for it. Keep in mind that your results will depend upon your ability to market, attract customers, and distributors to your business. If you feel that you lack the experience necessary to succeed in a brand new company or that maybe you don't have the risk factor for a start up than take a look at my company which has seen double digit growth over the past 20 months, 7 years old, and is completely debt free.

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Steven Bailey said...

Great review! I see this was written over 13 months ago so as you and thousands of others now know the Nerium story has unfolded quite impressively. Youngest company ever to grace the cover of Success From Home magazine. And ended the first amazing year breaking records in the direct sales industry. Plus Nerium made the "Top 100" list out of approx 10,000 direct sales companies. Nerium International did in 1 year what took the other TOP companies 12.2 years to do...not bad! visit: to learn more.

Sherry said...

There certainly has been some very disgruntled people with Nerium - Jealously and malicious talk is not something God appreciates. Slander is evil. It will be interesting to see what He does with those who do these things. Nerium has changed a nasty 11 yr disease on my twin that nothing else has touched. I see wrinkles and nasty turkey necks diminish. I've been in network mktg and never have I seen such a life changing face cream as Nerium and I've done dermabrasion - there's no comparison. Patience is not your virtue and you lack being humble. I will pray for you that God may bless you. I LOVE LOOKING YOUNGER and care about others.

Anthony Cetrangelo said...

NeriumAD has just begun and I repeat just begun Phase 2 Momentum of the company. If you like Money or want a Lexus youre crazy to not jump into the game early. I need 1 repeat only 1 strong Partner for my team in Nerium. This is a Golden Opportunity for anyone with Work Ethic out there.I just need your email and I will mentor you the rest of the way.

Anthony Cetrangelo said...
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Anthony Cetrangelo said...

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Sarah Westall said...

Nerium is a great way to make money selling a product that people love. I can help you make money at this to get you through this tough economy.

Email me at and I will show you how to get started. I also supply you with free stuff to get you going quicker!

the man said...

A non fda approved product that smells terrible and only slightly works in less than 60% of customers and then only for a month or so is not ground breaking nor wonderful. Start with at least the pump that doesn't work to dispense the product and the mat should show the quality of the whole nerium experience.

David & Christie Margetts said...

The article mentions that in 30 days there was little results, and the smell was something to get past. The only thing positive was the packaging and money. So, not so great product for great money? Doesn not make sense.

ieatchildrenallday said...

nerium does not refund their customers money... they are a scam, they also dont tell you that their cream isn't all natural, there are additives in their cream after doing some research i found out are far from natural,

Extracts derived from the leaves and seeds of the Nerium oleander plant contain substances called glycosides. Glycosides can have severe toxic effects on the body, including the heart and other vital organs. Ingesting any type of Nerium oleander extract or the raw plant itself can cause oleander poisoning resulting in nausea, vomiting, diminished appetite, bloody diarrhea, drowsiness, dizziness and dilated pupils. Handling Nerium oleander may also cause skin irritation, such as redness or itching. Large amounts can be deadly and may cause loss of consciousness, seizures, heart rate irregularities and severely low blood pressure. You may also stop breathing or develop heart block, a potentially fatal complication in which the electrical signal responsible for telling your heart muscle when to contract is blocked. None of these are good things.

i almost got hooked into selling this.... im more than glad i did my research first.

ieatchildrenallday said...
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ieatchildrenallday said...
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ieatchildrenallday said...

Also just to let you all know

Cardiac glycosides are a diverse family of naturally derived compounds that bind to and inhibit Na+/K+-ATPase, enzymes that affect the “pumps” that control the flux of sodium and potassium across cellular membranes. Members of this family have been in clinical use for many years for the treatment of heart failure and rhythm disturbances. Recent findings suggest cardiac glycosides may also participate in the regulation of several important cellular processes, highlighting their potential new therapeutic roles in various diseases including cancer.

Evidently, what interested the researchers is that oleander extracts cause apoptosis in various cancer cell lines and increases the sensitivity of PC-3 human prostate cells to radiotherapy. In laymen’s terms, this means that it kills cells. Now, that’s good if you are talking cancer cells. Not so good if you are talking about skin cells, includiung the ones making collagen. Is there any evidence that this “killing effect” is limited to cancer cells? No. According to the toxicology literature, it seems to kill all types of cells if present in high enough concentrations.

A hot water extract of this plant known as Anvirzel™, is being used to treat cancer, HIV/AIDS, and congestive heart failure. There was obviously enough interest for Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc. to raise 3.6 million dollars for the new Oleander Cancer Drug. Even so, that is a far cry from an anti-aging cosmeceutical that is not intended to be toxic to skin cells. But again, is it wise to put a cell killing drug on ageing skin?

So there must be more. Actually a lot more; M D Anderson has looked at scores, if not hundreds of plant compounds through the years and continues to do so today in its search for the silver bullet to combat cancer.

But not every plant can be the focus of a brand new MLM – that takes a special opportunity and specific confluence of events. Not so long ago it was the acai berry. Today, it’s Nerium oleander’s turn

Anti-aging Miracle or Get Rich Quick Scheme? in my opinion ... both.

Semen Rendi said...

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